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This federal agency oversees all tax law for the Government of Canada and for most provinces and territories. It also manages various programs related to social and economic incentives for individuals and businesses.


For a general overview of the Employment Insurance system, click here.

For more information on the gutting of the EI program, click here.

In general, the EI program benefits the unemployed by offering roughly 55% of their previous work salary. In 2012, the amount of weekly benefits for eligible individuals reached a maximum of $485 per week for a period between 14 and 45 weeks.

It may be difficult to find one’s eligibility to the many tax credits offered by the federal government. Their content may also be confusing. Moreover, the disability tax credit requires filling out a long document, Form T2201, available here, with the help of a health care practitioner. Using the answers below, you will easily find your way through the disability tax credit form.

How to Get One?

To obtain a Social Insurance Number (SIN) card, you may apply in person at a Service Canada Centre, or through the mail via Canada Post. If you are applying for a newborn, you may also use the newborn registration service offered by the Government of Quebec.


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