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In 2015, we will accomplish what Jack Layton set out to do. With Tom Mulcair at the helm, the NDP has a clear vision for building a sustainable society and replacing an incompetent government plagued by scandal. Middle-class families work hard, but they are barely keeping their heads above water. This is true both in Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie and across the country. Incomes are down and consumer debt is up. The Conservatives have bet the farm on oil and gas companies, while completely ignoring the environment. This needs to stop! 

'' I don't want my children to suffer the discrimination that I live myself'', said a father trying to hold back his tears. A touching testimony that I heard last Monday during a conference titled ''Violence in the name of Islam: the impacts on Muslim community and the action to take'' organized by several members of the Muslim community.



Back from holidays, I would like to say how much this year is important for all of us. We must work hard in order to be elected as a social-democrat government that will truly defend families, workers and seniors’ interests.