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Julie is a mother who receives child benefits from the government. In 2011, when she separates from her husband for the first time, she declared her new marital status to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Soon after, Julie reconciled with her husband and began living with him again. But after 10 months, they separated for good. She will then have trouble with CRA.



The Conservatives recently introduced Bill C-23, which demonstrates a clear political will to restrict the rights of the most vulnerable voters and mount an all-out attack on civic education. Ironically, the Conservatives have asked for time allocation—a restriction on the time allowed for debate—for this bill to reform our democratic system! 

Again, the conservative government is inappropriately interfering in labour relations. Minister Kelly Leitch has just announced that she will table a bill preventing workers at Canadian National to exercise their right to strike. 

"It's quite something to see the conservatives at work! Now a days, just mentioning the word strike is enough for this government to crack down on workers rights. With the Conservatives government, we are now in the preventive bills era. This is the Bush doctrine applied to labor relations! "Alexandre Boulerice, Official opposition Labour critic.

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